Customer testimonial

We have known for Neal for approximately 10+ years. I heard about Neal  from a very strong recommendation from my neighbor.  Now , I too have become the person that gives my absolute highest recommendation for this man.  Many of our neighbors and several of my co-workers now use Neal exclusively.   Words cannot adequately express my very great admiration and true appreciation for him as a mechanic, person, and friend.  Neal is cut from a very rare fabric that is almost impossible to find in people these days.  I really struggle to write briefly about all the many complimentary words that describe Neal.  If I was pressed to isolate only one word to describe Neal, that word  would be “Honest” . However, if I had to describe what he gives to  “me” that would be the gift of ”absolute peace of mind”, which is something usually not associated with car problems and repairs.   


My wife and I always agree that we are extremely fortunate. We realize when we do have car problems, which might typically brings stress for other people, we know  at a minimum, at least we don’t have to worry about the professionalism or honesty of the  prognosis.   Neal will provide us with a very satisfactory solution and a great explanation, which is always appreciated.  The solution may be a repair (which has always met expectations at a minimum), or it may be a recommendation about what we should do in lieu of a repair, or where we should go  to offer us a solution he might not provide.   


 In my opinion, Neal genuinely cares for people and treats them as if they are a very valued customer and future very close friend. I think the phrase “he has your back” is another phrase that I must use to describe the relationship most customers probably have with Neal.  I know without question, he will try to do the best thing for us, no matter what task may be at hand.  I know if I’m in a quandary about anything related to cars, I am certain he will strive to assist, just like a brother or father might behave.  Although I don’t expect anything out of the ordinary,  Neal frequently  exceeds my expectations in unusual ways.  I can’t list all the heartwarming and unbelievable gestures I have seen him do for his customers. 


Including  Neal as one of our acquaintances and being able to call him my mechanic and friend  is truly one of our most valued  possessions. He sets the standards for integrity, professionalism, and friendship.  – Mike and Kim 

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